- Enzyme is a catalyst of various biochemical reactions. It exists in every living cells to activate and enables our body's cells to display many biotic phenomena. It is as well a unique complex protein and an important medium for metabolism as well as various chemical changes in the human body.



- Coordinates body's internal environment, by reduce blood acidity, eliminate toxins, enhance immunity, preserve body's overall internal body and more.
- Anti-inflammation, it help to transport and enhance the functions of white blood cells in turn, and as well it recover damaged cells and regenerate of new cells.

- Anti-Bacteria, it has anti-bacteria function and also promotes cell regeneration for health recovery at root level.
- Disintegrating Ability, it eliminates metabolic waste at problematic areas and in the blood to revive their normal functions. Although it is not directly linked to curing illnesses, enzyme, however assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
- Blood cleansing, by eliminating metabolic waste in the blood, disintegrates inflammatory viruses and cholesterol in acidic blood besides maintaining low alkaline level so that blood could flow smoothly.
-Cell regenerating ability, it stimulates body's cell metabolism, increase stamina and promotes the regeneration of damaged cells.


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